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RSE Press permits authors to submit original articles and extended updated versions of conference papers for publication in its journals as open access papers. The reports undergo double-blind peer review. Articles are selected based on merit and novelty. Contact us for more information.

Feature highlights include:
• Each article will have a DOI number after publication
• Manuscripts are peer-reviewed, and authors are notified of the reviewers' decisions within one week of submission
• Acceptance of publications occurs very fast
• Open access and high visibility
• Online submission systems
• Indexed in reputable databases
- APC: For the provision of free access to readers of accepted manuscripts and to offset the costs of peer review, copy-editing, typesetting, long-term archiving, and journal management, the authors or institutions will pay USD 100 regardless of the length of the paper. Students are charged 75 USD (student ID number required for verification), and RSE Press reviewers are charged 50 USD. Publication fees are required. The cost of a translation paper that undergoes professional language checking is USD 20 per page (full paper). The journal does not charge for rejected articles, submission fees, or surcharges based on length, figures, or supplementary data.


  • Journal of Agricultural Science & Engineering Innovation (JASEI) [U.S. ISSN 2694 -4812]

    About this Journal

     The Journal of Agricultural Science & Engineering  Innovation (JASEI) is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal, published bimonthly and fully refereed, which focuses on the parts of exact, natural, economic, and social sciences used in the practice and understanding of agriculture. It also focuses on the agricultural relevance basis for common, complex diseases and experiments to study them. Manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and academic excellence are welcome to be submitted. Accepted papers will be published shortly after acceptance. 

    JASEI includes genetics and plant breeding, horticulture, agronomy, soil science, entomology, plant pathology, plant science, crop physiology, animal science, veterinary science, aquaculture, food science and technology, agricultural engineering, agricultural machinery, post-harvest technology, genetic engineering, and biotechnology, microbial biotechnology, agricultural extension, agricultural development, agricultural economics, rural development, sustainable agriculture, organic agriculture, forestry, environmental technology, food security, and other related fields. 

  • Journal of Computers & Signals (JCS) [U.S. ISSN 2766 -6166]

    About this Journal

    The Journal of Computers & Signals (JCS) is an Open Access online journal that focuses on developing various aspects of vision, machine learning, image processing, and signal processing research. A wide range of computer vision & signal processing challenges is presented at JCS. It provides fast but concrete peer-reviewed, original publications of high-quality research. A comprehensive survey and review covering new insights based on in-depth analysis of the state-of-the-art are welcome by JCS.

  • Journal of Energy & Technology (JET) [U.S. ISSN 2768-1025]

    About this Journal

    The Journal of Energy & Technological (JET) (U.S. ISSN 2768-1025) is an open-access journal that includes a broad range of specific and subfields of generating energies and technologies.  This document encourages a wide range of contributions in the area of renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Interdisciplinary contributions are also encouraged. This open-access journal welcomes submissions on all aspects of energy-related engineering and science.

  • Journal of Electronics & Sensor Perspective (JESP)

    About this Journal

    The Journal of Electronics & Sensor Perspective (JESP)publishes papers related to all aspects of electronics and sensors, from their theory and design to the use of complete sensing devices. Electronic, mechanical, aeronautical, astronomical, industrial, chemical, biochemical, biomedical, electronic, electromagnetic (including optical), proximity and thermal sensors are all covered. 

  • Journal of Technological Science & Engineering (JTSE) [U.S. ISSN 2693 -1389]

    About this Journal

    The Journal of Technological Science & Engineering (JTSE) is an open-access journal covering a wide range of specific and subfields of science and engineering. The journal encourages contributions from across the spectrum of engineering disciplines. Interdisciplinary contributions are also welcome. The Journal's open-access publishing policy encourages submissions addressing all aspects of engineering and science.