A Hybrid Mobile Application for an e-Commerce Store


  • Abdulkader Mohamed Sandouka Computer Science Department CIT, Taif University, Taif, Saudi Arabia


e-Commerce/e-Marketing; mobile applications; clustering; E-commerce techniques


The use of the Internet has increased dramatically among people and has become reliable in all areas of life. The most successful one among others is e-Commerce/e-Marketing. E-commerce techniques allow the development of relationship with customers to such a level not previously reported. The reason is the process of purchase, distribution, shopping, demand and production are found in a modern mechanism which is no longer as it was in the traditional process. Therefore, many small business organizations, as like as large ones, are considering e-commerce mobile application as a better technological choice for developing and maintaining customer relationship. This paper proposes a hybrid e-commerce store mobile application for selling of products or services over the Internet that can operate on different operating systems such as windows, iOS, and android.