About the Journal

The Journal of Electronics & Sensor Perspective (JESP)publishes papers related to all aspects of electronics and sensors, from their theory and design to the use of complete sensing devices. Electronic, mechanical, aeronautical, astronomical, industrial, chemical, biochemical, biomedical, electronic, electromagnetic (including optical), proximity and thermal sensors are all covered. 

Some of the key features
1. Completely open access
2. There are no publication charges at the moment
3. Format-free submissions are acceptable, and our editing service can help you adjust your manuscript to fit the journal's format for free.
4. You can send your manuscript directly to editor@rsepress.com and our technical team can help you create an online submission profile
5. The grammatical check service is free for accepted manuscripts
6. Quick publication process

Current Issue

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2021): JESP
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The primary goal of the editorial board is to maintain the high quality of publications. There will be a commitment to the fastest publication of the papers. The articles that are sent to reviewers will be double-blind review.

The Journal encourages to submit review articles too.

The Editors reserve the right to reject papers without sending them out for review.

Manuscripts focusing on all aspects of electronics and sensors are to be submitted to the Journal's open-access publishing.