Dealing with Unethical Colleague in the field of Biomedical Engineering


Biomedical Engineering is a huge field taking the professions of doctors, engineers, nurses, administrative staff, physicists, chemists, biologists, etc. on the same platform. In this huge area, a biomedical engineer needs to work with so many people having different mentalities. As a biomedical engineer, one has to follow the ethics of engineering; not administrative or doctors but these two ethics can be added according to his duties and responsibilities. In the workplace, one may face that his coworker is skipping his duties, puts his computer on even at the time of leaving, fraud ling money, disclosing confidential information, using the company’s property for his personal need, or any other unethical activities. In that case, what should a biomedical engineer do? Should he report to the manager or should he restrain himself from involving in another person’s matter? In this study, the authors have tried to provide an ethical solution to the unethical behaviors of coworkers.